Wild Animals Glasses & Beer Mugs

Wine glasses and beer mugs are available with imagery of many different wild animals. You can order custom wine glasses and beer mugs by sending in a photograph of your favorite animal, from aardvarks to zebras or dogs and cats. Melinda will even paint a custom image of your horse.

Painting styles can either be whimsical or realistic.

Examples of custom wine glasses can be seen below:


All Wild Animal Glasses are available for $40.00 each, except for
Elephant Glasses, which are $50.00 each

To Order

Either select a wild animal image from our in-stock items (List and photos available soon) or have one custom painted by Melinda. For custom painted glasses, all you have to do is go to the Contact page and upload your image, with your particulars. Melinda will contact you for further information.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping and handling charges, inclusive of insurance for USA only.

Quantity of Glasses/Mugs: Shipping/Handling & Insurance
1 $10.00
2 $15.00
3 $25.00
4 $30.00
5 – 6 $40.00

Delivery Time

Average 2 weeks or sooner, depending on quantity of order or backlog. We will advise you of approximate delivery time.

Return Policy

No return policy, as image on glass is approved via photograph of finished work. Changes may be allowed before shipment, as necessary.


Breakage must be reported immediately upon arrival and opening of package, so Post Office can be notified. You must take a picture of the broken glass and submit it to us so we can follow up with any claims.