Welcome to Wild Animals Art

The Mane Event copyThanks for stopping by! Welcome to our online gallery and store for digital composite wild animal art, and hand painted wine glasses and beer mugs. All the pictures are painted either on the computer and then transferred to a variety of substrates or directly on the glass items. If you’re looking for something special to adorn your walls and you like wild animals, you will find something special here. These are not just mere photographs, but digital composite images composed in many layers in Photoshop. Melinda Hughes-Berland then takes electronic brush to hand and renders the multiple images into something completely visionary…you’ll never see these compositions anywhere else but here.

Regarding the glass art, Melinda hand paints each glass, either from photographs she’s taken or if you like, you can commission her to paint something uniquely yours, from a photo or image you might supply. All the pigments used in painting the glasses are food safe, and washable.

If you like what you’ve seen here, please tell your friends. Better yet, make a purchase and enjoy these beautiful creations by Melinda.

Click on the wild animal image to be taken to the gallery for paintings to purchase. Click on the wild animal glasses to be taken to information where you can order your custom wine glass or beer mug.